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Email me at ella@theweddingaffair.co.uk, I’d love to hear from you! 

Please include the following:-

  1.  Your full name and contact details ie. telephone, website, social media
  2.  Bride & Groom’s Full Names
  3.  Wedding Date
  4.  Place of Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue
  5.  One sentence to describe the theme or style of wedding
  6.  Up to 5 low res images from the wedding including the detail
  7.  Let us know whether or not this wedding has been featured online or in print and if so who with and when?
  8.  Let us know if you would like the Bride or Groom to complete our Wedding Blog Questionnaire?

Should this wedding be accepted as a featured blog, we will require the following:-

  1.  Around 40 high quality photographs at 800 px wide including detail shots – depending on how you feel, we are  happy to feature images with watermarks as they will be pinned by readers using Pinterest. Please send these  images through via WeTransfer or a Zip File.
  2.  The Wedding Blog Questionnaire will need to be completed and returned by the Bride or Groom including a list of  suppliers involved along with links to the websites.
  3.  We will also require the Photographer’s contact details, social media links and a high quality jpeg of their logo.

Should you wish to submit an engagement or styled photo shoots:-

  1.  Please follow the instructions above, however, the number of photographs submitted may be less or more.
  2.  Provide a written feature of the event or day. Please include where it was held and when and obviously include,  where necessary, any links to the various suppliers involved including their name and a link to their website.

Please Note:

  1.  Copyright remains with the original Photographer unless otherwise agreed.
  2.  Please obtain permission from all those involved in the wedding or shoot.
  3.  We will send you a link to the featured wedding or shoot as and when it is published. We do ask that you share this  feature and tag The Wedding Affair and/or WeddingHour on all social media platforms.  www.facebook.com/theweddingaffair, www.twitter.com/weddingaffair, www.twitter.com/weddinghour, www.instagram.com/theweddingaffair and www.instagram.com/weddinghour

We look forward to featuring your images on our Blog. For further enquiries please email ella@theweddingaffair.co.uk.

Thanks for supporting The Wedding Affair and WeddingHour, we look forward to working with you.

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